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Core Competence
Bernard is actively involved in various links in full cooperation with customers in the initial period of project and provides customers with systematic solution, including model selection of products and technology, high quality product manufacturing and even professional after-sales services, in the whole project process from conceptual design, prototype production, project initiating to production.
Our purpose is to provide customers with cost-effective high quality products and services quickly and bring higher value to customers.
Technical ability
Technical abilityBernard products — As a professional manufacturer of high quality fluid industrial products (Valves, pumps and automation products), Bernard has developed the plastic magnetic pump for environmental production industry and the pneumatic diaphragm pump, which is most widely used currently. Bernard products not only have high quality and good performance, but also meet the specific needs of customers. We customize a series of products according to actual applications to make them more suitable for application environments.
Technical abilityTechnical center —Bernard’s technical center cooperates with market and production departments fully, improves the existing products continuously and develops new products which meet market demand more. Our many years of technology and experience accumulation can ensure that we meet customer needs in the fastest time.
Technical abilityEngineering experience — Bernard is not merely a manufacturer of fluid industrial products. Our application support team has rich industrial and project experiences, provides highly-efficient solutions for customers all around the world and meets various engineering and application needs of customers.
R&D ability
R&D abilityBernard provides customers with one-stop services through various large technical centers all over the world. Our experienced application technology personnel will answer your technical inquiries, solve actual application problems and provide cost-effective solutions
R&D abilityOur technical center is provided with complete set of testing equipment, which can be used for product and application test in an all-round way. Besides, our R&D department tests our products and improves design in the laboratory continuously so as to meet the performance requirements under various conditions and standards.
Operation management
Operation managementCommunication system—Our communication system serves as the bridge among R&D, production and sales so as to ensure that we can make response without information distortion in the shortest time. We use ERP system for management to ensure orderly collaboration of each link in the supply chain
Operation managementQuality system—We conduct production management in strict accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO TS 16949 quality system. Besides, we take strict quality and environmental control measures, combine the special requirements of customers and ensure that we exercise most strict control over processes and final products.
Operation managementProduct delivery— Our production and logistics team makes a study of project progress of customers in depth and deliver products in time. We can also mobilize resources and allocate inventory under special circumstances flexibly so as to copy with temporary demand fluctuation.
Production ability
Production ability Our production base is provided with complete set of production, detection and experimental test equipment. We adjust employee shift and allocate equipment flexibly so as to ensure delivery cycle and guarantee delivered quantity and quality.
Application field
Application field
Since Bernard was founded, we have cooperated with the leading companies in various industries. We firmly believe that knowing the customers’ industry can enable us to understand the problems which customers encounter and the potential needs better, so we survey the market, cooperate with application engineers fully, go deep into the details of project and improve our knowledge accumulation in the industry continuously.
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